About us

“Bermud Shop” LTD company was founded in 2017. We sell and rent electronics and home appliances. Our online stores “Bermud.az” and “Rentexpo.az” have extensive corporate and retail experience. They have established themselves in the Azerbaijani market with a wide client base and built long-term relationships with business partners. “Rentexpo.az” specializes in the direction - rental of equipment for events, exhibitions and festivals. The team of our company employs experienced and specialists who will promptly fulfill your orders on time. Taking into account the strong competition in the modern Azerbaijani market, we try to offer our customers the maximum selection of products with the best price-quality ratio. “Rentexpo.az” sets as its task for customers the information necessary for the successful choice of a particular technique. At a fairly low price, you get modern and high-quality equipment in excellent condition. Our corporate policy implies an attentive attitude towards the client.

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